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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Making Meal and Flour with a Blender.

The Old Osterizer in Action
Here's a neat trick for adding a nice nutty touch to your vegetarian potluck dishes.

If you find yourself in possession of a quantity of pecans, flax seed, walnuts or practically any tasty nut sort of thing, you don't have to spend extra buying it in a meal form suitable for cooking. You can do it in your blender.

My first experiment was with a bag of flax seed someone gave me which I had no idea how to use. Someone on my Facebook page told me about this and it works great.

Simply crank up your blender, pour the seeds through the little hole thing in the lid while the blender is going and the blender will quickly reduce the seeds or nuts to a nice consistent meal.

I use pecan meal in all sorts of oatmeal patties and loaf dishes and used to be able to get big buckets of pecans back in Texas. Not so much up here in the Pacific Northwest. So if any of you want to box up some Texas pecans and send me a care package, I would not be unhappy, just so you know.

You can also use your blender to make flour for your multi-grain bread.  Just toss in some oats (rolled or instant it doesn't matter), some rice or other grain and run the blender for a while and it will reduce it all to a nice smooth flour-like texture suitable for baking in bread, noodles or biscuits - pretty much anything you're brave enough to put in your recipes by way of experimentation.

Learning this technique gave my blender a new job now that my daughter sent me a Ninja smoothie making thing. I'd almost decided to retire my stainless steel blender. This gives me an excuse to keep this macho machine on the cabinet and it would be such a shame to hide this beautiful kitchen tool in the cabinet.

Voila!  Flax Seed Meal!

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